Marc LeBlanc

Marc has been developing games in the industry since 1992. He began his career at LookingGlass Studios, where he worked on the original Thief and System Shock games. Since then he has created games with teams large and small on nearly every platform.


In 2001, he ran his first Game Design Workshop at GDC, and has run it every year since. In 2004 he collaborated with Andrew Leker on Oasis, which won the IGF Seumas McNally Grand Prize.


He is currently working at Riot Games, doing research and development on new games.

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Emily Short

Emily Short works in interactive fiction, narrative design, and conversation modeling, and is currently the Chief Product Officer at Spirit AI. She also has a PhD in Classical Studies, focusing on the role of the god Hermes in Athenian drama, and writes occasionally on classical reception in video games. She has created over two dozen works of interactive fiction, including the award-winning Galatea, a reworking of the Pygmalion myth; the interactive epistolary story First Draft of the Revolution; and Counterfeit Monkey, a wordplay puzzle game that addresses issues of language and democracy.


She is part of the design team behind the interactive fiction creation languages Inform 7 and Versu. Her work has been collected by the Electronic Literature Organization and displayed at the Library of Congress, among other venues. Her practice explores how systems of play can support rewarding forms of highly personal and human storytelling, how conversation actions and social gestures can be made into meaningful game mechanics in place of the mechanics of violence, and how authoring tools can be designed around the requirements of these new forms of art. Her blog can be found at http://emshort.blog.


Credits include Galatea, Counterfeit Monkey, Versu, Blood & Laurels, Fallen London, Sunless Seas, Sunless Skies, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine.

Stay tuned to see what's in store

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Dominique Boutin

Dominique  is the Chief Technology Officer in Ireland’s largest game developer, DIGIT Game Studios. With nearly 20 years in the Games Industry Dominique moved from Bigpoint Germany to join DIGIT Game Studios in 2012.


With experience in games from indie to large budget MMO’s, Dominique has been the spearhead of the technology behind the free-to-play mobile MMO Star Trek Fleet Command, which launched in November 2018 and already climbing the top grossing charts across the globe.


Jason Killingsworth

Jason Killingsworth is Creative Lead for the EU Publishing team at Riot Games, developer of League of Legends. Prior to joining Riot he spent over a decade covering music, film and video games for numerous print and online publications. 


The UK's Games Media Awards recognised him as Best Specialist Writer (Print) in 2013 for his work in Edge. While serving as features editor there he covered the launch of PlayStation 4, profiled game studios such as Bandai Namco and interviewed some of the industry's most influential developers (Naughty Dog, Ubisoft Montreal, FromSoftware) about the craft of game design. 


Killingsworth has contributed arts commentary to BBC Radio 1, CNN, NPR and RTÉ. His score-chasing exploits were featured on Wired.com ("Killingsworth can’t just beat video games. He has to dominate them"). He hosts the Perfuct podcast and co-authored You Died: The Dark Souls Companion, published by BackPage Press in 2016.




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Kieran Nolan

Kieran Nolan is an artist-researcher, indie game designer, and academic. He is Co Director of the Creative Arts Research Centre at Dundalk Institute of Technology, and a PhD candidate with the GV2 Research Group at Trinity College, Dublin. Kieran’s doctoral research explores the aesthetic, material and connective properties of the arcade videogame interface through the lenses of game studies and media art.


His work has been presented at conferences and exhibitions worldwide, including A MAZE, GAME at The Science Gallery, ISEA, EGX Leftfield Collection, Transmediale, Art.CHI, Vector, Playing The Game, Game On! El arte en juego, Out Of Index, CEEGS, Replaying Japan, IEEE GEM, and DiGRA. Kieran’s game based art experiments include Control, Bionic Roshambo, Arcade Operator, and VR SuperGun.