State of Play 2013

List of Talks:

  • Stephen Gillmurphy (Harmony Games)

  • Alan Lavery (Hollow Studios)

  • Bitsmith Games

  • Dave McCabe

  • Elaine Reynolds (Simteractive)

  • Inversion Software

  • Jamie McCormick (Scraggly Dog)

  • PunchScreen Games

  • Six Minute Games

  • Smudged Cat Games

  • Pewter Games


State of Play 2015

List of Talks:

  • Elaine Reynolds (Simteractive)

  • Colm Larkin (Head of Gambrinous)

  • Chris Gregan (Author of Fungus)

  • Louise (Artist (Student at the time))

  • Owen Harris (Game Designer)

  • Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris (The Tiniest Shark)

  • Zuraida Buter (Playful Culture Curator)

  • Richard Lemarchmand (USC Games)


State of Play 2019

List of Talks:

  • Kieran Nolan (Indie Game Designer)

  • Jason Killingsworth (Riot Games)

  • Dominique Boutin (CTO at DIGIT)

  • Emily Short (CPO at Spirit AI)

  • Marc LeBlanc (Riot Games)

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