State of Play 2021 Speakers


Create, Inspire and Play

From developing indie games in the 80s in their mid-teens to becoming one of Ireland’s first big game developers, Damian Scattergood (founder of the retro game-oriented Scattergood Studios) reveals his hands-on game development journey and encourages those following in his footsteps to document their journey too. Damian Scattergood has had multiple top 10 games in the UK, including Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (1989).

Damian's Presentation


Eimear Noone 

Eimear Noone has helped bring massive game soundtracks to life, including World of Warcraft - being an award-winning Irish composer and one of the most esteemed conductors for game scores. Eimear Noone details her musical journey, her moving experiences and her draw to game music.

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Travis George

Travis George is a co-founder of Vela games and has 20 years of valuable game industry experience - working in AAA studios such as Riot for several years during the peak of its League of Legends release and growth period. One of Vela games’ values is to provide a competitive game experience based on positive social foundations.

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European Funding Instruments 

How can you get funding for your game and what are your options? The Chief Operating Officer of the European Games Developer Federation (EGDF), Jari-Pekka Kaleva, brings clarity on questions around game funding with his 10 years of experience following European Politics surrounding the Games Industry.

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What is Narrative Design?

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What is narrative design? Aoife O’Friel, a Narrative Writer and Designer for Ubisoft, presents the differences between narrative writing and narrative designing and outlines useful tips and tools for each!

Aoife's Presentation


Making the Right First Impression 

Conor Crowley, the Executive Producer of Digit Studios, presents their top tips on making the right first impression on your job search within the games industry. Digit Studios is the biggest Irish games company - producing massive hits including Star Trek Fleet Command!

Conor's Presentation


Doing Call of Duty Online Services

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Damien Marshall, the Technical Director at Demonware, helped shape the Call of Duty game series and other Activision games’ internal platform technologies.

Damien's Presentation