The State Of Play is an informal review of the year gone by on the Irish Game Maker Industry. The ‘State Of Play’ is a chance for new and experienced developers to network with each other, demonstrate and showcase their work to their peers and get a sense of whats happening in the industry. Options to demonstrate, present or merely attend exist. The full details of which can be found on the scheduled page.
This event is organized by the staff and students of the school of media and the Indie Game Community.

Whats an Indie?

Indie (Independent) games, to describe them in a very broad stroke, can be likened to the independent movie industry in that they are developed independent of mainstream financial backing or funding. Indie Game development normally involves small teams of designers, developers and creatives working on niche projects for a specific type of gamer.
Often, due to the lack of formal budgetary and time constraints the focus of indie gamers is on innovation and creativity leading to the production of expressive, artistic games that can quickly acquire cult status. Oftentimes studios will mke use of crowdsourcing to fund their projects which adds a layer of connection between the developers ad their users not normally present in mainstream gaming.
Indie Games studios rely predominantly on digital distribution and promotion of their work through social media and forums. The community tends to be quite concentrated with a fairly loyal fan base, however with the recent explosion of mobile technology Indie Games appear to have found footing in the mainstream market of casual gamers.
Ireland has a stockpile of talented developers and designers eager to dive into the world of game design. It is hoped that Dublin will become a hotspot for Indie Game development in the same way as Seattle, Vancouver, France and Scotland have in previous years.
The State of Play event aims to gather together the major players on the Indie Games scene and showcase what they’ve been getting up to over the past year.


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